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Our Company

Zim Industries, Inc., dba Bakersfield Well & Pump Co. (Zim) is currently in its 38th year of business and is headquartered in Fresno, California.  We were incorporated in the State of California on August 7, 1979.  Since April of 1993, Zim has also conducted business as Bakersfield Well & Pump Co. (d.b.a.) located in Bakersfield, California.  Zim provides products and services for a wide range of water services to corporate and private farming operations.  These water industry products and services include water well drilling; installation of engineered designed irrigation systems including water well pumps, sand separators, fertilizer injection systems; concrete-lined irrigation water supply ditches; and maintenance programs to maintain and service these systems. 
In addition, Zim is also engaged in pump sales, service & repairs and irrigation systems sales, service & repairs for corporate and private farming operations for both existing and new agricultural developments within the Central Valley of California and other Western States.  Zim’s focus is to provide corporate and private farming operations with efficient irrigation and pump delivery systems designed to deliver the required GPM water flow rates desired for their tree and row crops. 

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Our Products and Services
Zim provides products and services for a wide range of water services. These water industry products and services include:
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Water Well Pumps, Motors and Equipment
  • Concrete Canal Lining
Zim is known in the water well drilling industry for its high quality water wells. We specialize in Agricultural water wells of any depths. We have a large base of highly satisfied customers due to quality of the products and services that we provide. We drill, construct, and develop water wells for all agricultural needs with high specific capacities throughout the western United States. We construct straight and near sand-free production wells that prolong the life of the farmers' pumping equipment.

Zim ensures well straightness during the drilling phase of water well construction by using the proper drill stem and by constantly monitoring any bore hole deviations. We ensure nearly sand-free wells by matching the gravel pack to the existing formation through the use of sieve analysis during the well design phase of well construction.
The installation and maintenance of the irrigation systems is vital part of the Zim program.  Due to the inconsistency of the well drilling and pump installations over the years, and with the increased competition, Zim has expanded into the irrigation, installation, and maintenance program.  We also monitor the irrigation process and work directly with the farmer on a daily basis.  Our backhoes are utilized during the installation and maintenance process, and our forklifts are required to load and off load pipe, fittings and other items.  The primarily demand for the forklifts is to off-load (deliver) various liquid fertilizers required for the delivery systems that the company monitors on a daily basis.
When Zim installs an irrigation system, we’re not done; the monitoring process begins.  The finished system, as complex as it is, is monitored by a computer program that automatically senses the moisture in the soil and provides the right amount of water to the plants.  The water well will be monitored for its pumping rates and flow which will be controlled with a simple I-phone.  This monitoring system is Eco-friendly and is a vital part of the Zim program which allows the farmer to reduce labor, optimize water usage and reduce costly fertilizers and soil amendments. In doing so, we maximize crop production, reduce cultural costs and minimize waste.  It’s a win for the environment, a win for the farmer and a win for Zim Industries.  Zim has expanded its relationship into a “partnership” program with the farmer by working directly with these farmers on a daily basis to help provide the greatest return on their investment.  At Zim, we utilize our own equipment to install and maintain these projects that now extend from the Central Valley into the Coachella Valley of California.  The system is completely computerized and easily monitored from the field, the office or from a Smart phone on a 365/24/7 basis.  This “partnership” program is currently the fastest growing segment at Zim Industries and we will continue to expand and develop this program in the years to come.

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