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Your Water Well Drilling and Pump Services Specialists serving Agricultural & Municipal Customers throughout the Western United States


Zim Industries, Inc. (Zim) is currently in its 31st year of business and is headquartered in Fresno, California. We were incorporated in the State of California on August 7,1979. Since April of 1993, Zim has also conducted business as Bakersfield Well & Pump Co. (d.b.a.) located in Bakersfield, California. Since its founding in 1979, Zim has grown to a company of over 150 highly skilled employees.

Our Products and Services

Zim provides products and services for a wide range of water services. These water industry products and services include:

  • Water Well Drilling
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Water Well Pumps, Motors and Equipment
  • Concrete Canal Lining

Zim is known in the water well drilling industry for its high quality water wells. We specialize in municipal water wells and very deep wells for the municipal and agricultural market. We have a large base of highly satisfied customers due to quality of the products and services that we provide. We drill, construct and develop water wells with high specific capacities throughout the western United States. We construct straight and near sand-free production / ASR injection wells that prolong the life of the owners' pumping equipment.

Zim ensures well straightness during the drilling phase of water well construction by using the proper drill stem and by constantly monitoring any bore hole deviations. We ensure nearly sand-free wells by matching the gravel pack to the existing formation through the use of sieve analysis during the well design phase of well construction.

Our Promise of Quality

Zim also promotes the use of high quality materials during the construction phase of the water well project to prolong the well life. By using higher quality gravel pack material (i.e. Colorado Silica); we can construct the water well with a more round and efficient gravel pack less susceptible to closing up. By using a higher quality, larger thickness or different type of casing material (i.e. Roscoe Moss, Johnson Well Screen); we can construct the water well with casing that is less susceptible to rusting out or dissolving due to electrolyses.

Where specified, we ensure good water quality in the wells we construct by performing accurate water quality testing during the aquifer zone-testing phase of water well construction. Zim utilizes highly qualified personnel and highly maintained equipment; all managed by a management team possessing the technical knowledge and experience to properly construct any water well project.

Small or Large Jobs OK

In addition, Zim has the capability to construct water wells on tight job sites and to provide sound control where necessary. Zim works with the customer and engineer to properly design the water well for each specific location. In the past, we have constructed double-cased wells, under-reamed wells, ASR injection wells, and wells with seals and blank casing to block the production of water with poor quality or containing contaminants. Zim utilizes the air reverse rotary, the conventional fluid rotary and the conventional air rotary methods to construct water wells. Zim has provided water well drilling services for the installation of potable water production / ASR injection wells with dimensions as large as 10 feet in diameter or as deep as 2500 feet in locations throughout the Western United States. We have the capability to complete projects with dimensions as wide as 10 feet in diameter or projects as deep as 5,000 feet.

Zim Industries, Inc.
4545 East Lincoln Avenue, Fresno, CA 93725
Highway 99 & Clovis Avenue
Phone Number:
(559) 834-1551  |  Fax Number:(559) 834-5156

Bakersfield Well & Pump Company
7212 Fruitvale Avenue, Bakersfield, CA  93308
Phone Number: (661) 393-9661  |  Fax Number:(661) 393-9647

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