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Call Us Today!
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Drill Pipe Testing

Drill Pipe Testing:
We typically use heavy 9 5/8" Drillco drill pipe. This drill pipe is very unlikely to twist off during our drilling process due to its thickness, exceptional design and manufacturing. In fact, we have not ever experienced a drill stem failure with this drill pipe since we purchased it, over ten years ago. We visually inspect all pipe and connections as they are run into the borehole.
Action Plan in Case of Lost Tools in Borehole:
As a drilling contracting company, we will always face the risk of complex or potentially unstable borehole drilling conditions that can lead to losing equipment downhole.
Preventative maintenance, inspection and care of equipment, recognizing and addressing unstable borehole conditions, maintaining an adequate water supply, maintaining a proper mud system and driller expertise significantly reduces our risk to lost tool conditions. However, when lost tool conditions do occur, we immediately assess the situation and determine exactly what was lost, and what occurred to cause it to be lost. As long as we believe the lost tools can be recovered, we will rent or build appropriate fishing tools, or subcontract specialists in downhole tool recovery to recover the lost item from the borehole.
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