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Our equipment is our lifeblood and we take good care of it. We maintain a rigorous program of equipment maintenance. Scheduled equipment maintenance is controlled through a weekly program of reporting mileage and hours for all of our equipment. We have a permanent staff of experienced mechanics and parts men who support this program. We also maintain a substantial stock of parts and equipment components, including engines, rotary tables, mud pumps, gear boxes, and other similar equipment.

Finally, in the event of a breakdown, everyone involved participates in solving the problem in an efficient and prompt manner. Zim can make on-site repairs with our drillers/mechanics or send other qualified mechanics from our headquarters.
Safety Record
Zim has a high level of commitment to the health and safety of our crews and everyone else on our work sites.
Several of our employees receive OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER and HAZWOPER SUPERVISOR training and the required annual 8-hour refresher course.

Our Health and Safety Training Team provides training and instruction on everything related to safety within the company. Zim holds tailgate safety meetings on a weekly basis. If we are working on a project that has a designated safety officer, they generally run the meeting. If there is not a person designated, our Drilling Supervisor or Driller will hold the meeting. Our Daily Summary Reports include a record (signature) of all personnel that attended the daily safety meeting and the meeting's agenda. Safety is everyone's responsibility and we remind each other of that frequently.

All new personnel receive the following training: defensive driving, forklift safety and basic drill safety and practices. OSHA 40-hour HazWoper when required by project. First aid/CPR for all supervisors. We keep everyone's OSHA training current by providing 8-hour refresher training on a yearly basis for those personnel.
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Bakersfield Well & Pump Co.
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